As a key leader in the Homes for All Coalition, MHP will be at the state capitol this session making the case for robust investments and smart policies that advance housing. Whether we engage in person or online, when we advocate for #Homes4AllMN, lawmakers need to know what's going on in the communities they represent. MHP’s Legislative District Housing Profiles are an essential resource, providing data on housing measure for all 134 legislative districts across the state.  

While each district is unique in its challenges and opportunities, some troubling trends hold true. Utilizing data from the 2016 American Community Survey, we see a continued rise in housing costs, increasing numbers of families paying more than they can afford on housing costs and, in many districts, declining income for both renters and homeowners.

For instance, after adjusting for inflation, rent has risen in 75% of the state's districts since 2000, and even median-income renter households can't afford rent in more than 40% of the state's legislative districts. Meanwhile, renter household income dropped in 57% of districts and nearly half of all districts saw a decline in homeowner income.

Not surprisingly, since 2000, the percentage of renter households that spend more than 30 percent of their income on housing has increased by more than 35% in every legislative district across the state, rising as much as 114% in District 60B in the Twin Cities region. That burden is impacting a growing and significant number of senior renters in every district, with nearly 80% of seniors in District 51A (Burnsville, Dakota County) paying more than they can afford.

Topping the list of the most affordable district for renters is District 2B (Fergus Falls area) in the Northwest / West Central region, while renters in Woodbury, Washington County, have to earn $62,400 per year to afford median rent, making District 53B the least affordable statewide.

Read more district highs and lows below — and download YOUR legislative district profile in the column on the right. Don't know your district? Find out here!


Cost burden

Most cost burdened renters: 62% in District 59A - Twin Cities

Most cost burdened senior renters: 79% in District 51A - Twin Cities

Fewest cost burdened renters: 23% in District 15B - Central

Fewest cost burdened senior renters: 31% in District 15B - Central

Most cost burdened owners: 36% in District 62A - Twin Cities

Most cost burdened senior owners: 42% in District 59B - Twin Cities

Fewest cost burdened owners: 14% in District 51B - Twin Cities

Fewest cost burdened senior owners: 15% in District 23A - Southern



Lowest income needed to own a median-value home is $29,790 in District 22B - Southwest

Highest income needed to own a median-value home is $134,400 in District 49A - Twin Cities

Lowest income needed to afford median rent is $22,120 in District 2B - West Central

Highest income needed to afford median rent is $62,440 income in District 53B - Twin Cities