MHP develops and advocates for public policy and investments that supports strong communities and housing, especially for people with the greatest needs.

MHP’s Public Policy Advisory Group provides advice to MHP on public policy issues in housing, with a focus on equity analysis.

Each year at the Minnesota state level, MHP:

  • Convenes Minnesota housing leaders for conversations on important policy topics, such as the Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP)
  • Provides policy and technical expertise to public agencies and lawmakers
  • Coordinates opportunities for constituents and lawmakers to meet and learn about local needs for affordable homes, including in Greater Minnesota
  • Lobbies to increase and protect access to and public investment in affordable homes, especially for those with the greatest needs, communities of color, and indigenous communities
  • We monitor administrative actions of Minnesota Housing and engage in advocacy around agency rules and policies. 

At the local and regional level, MHP: works to increase the financial and policy commitment of local and regional government to affordable homes. We provide expertise and support for regional housing goals and programs at the Metropolitan Council. Current initiatives include: Support for Local Housing Trust Funds 

At the federal level, MHP partners with national organizations to protect and expand federal support for affordable homes and community development. We work with Minnesota members of Congress to support housing and community development issues. We monitor administrative actions by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the United States Department of Agriculture, and more, speaking out on the implications of proposed rules and policies. 

Our federal partners are:

2021 Legislative Session Summary

Check out the results of the 2021 legislative session with MHP's Legislative Summary and Homes for All's end of session blog.

2021 MHP State Legislative Agenda

Download the 2021 MHP State Legislative Agenda here. 

 Local Housing Trust Funds

Encourage local jurisdictions to dedicate revenue in a local housing trust fund (LHTF) for affordable housing, including as a state match. 

Source of Income Protection

Amend Minnesota Human Rights Act to clarify that source of income discrimination encompasses all forms of housing assistance.

4d Affordable Housing Incentive 

Modify the tax classification and implement a uniform $0.25 tax rate on affordable rental units. In partnership with the 4d alliance.

Minnesota Affordable Housing Tax Credit

An innovative new tool that encourages local businesses and neighbors to invest in their community by creating housing opportunities.

Minnesota's Challenge Fund

Invest in the Economic Development and Housing Challenge Fund, or “Challenge Fund”, a major state resource to create housing for families across a wide range of incomes.

Bring it Home Campaign

Create a statewide rental assistance campaign that ensures that all households below 30% AMI pay no more than 30% of their income on rent.

Manufactured Home Park Opportunity to Purchase

An Opportunity to Purchase law for manufactured home parks will help residents of parks purchase and convert their parks into cooperatively owned entities. Displacement caused by the loss of Naturally Occurring Affordable Housing has devastating and long-term consequences for households. Acquisition funds to help purchase, preserve the affordability, and improve the quality of these homes is critical to ending alarming trends in displacement.

Eviction Expungement Reform

Increase access to eviction expungements to increase housing access and opportunity.