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Uneven Recovery: A Look Back at Minnesota's Housing Crisis
(April 2014)
An uneven recovery is unfolding in Minnesota five years after the housing collapse this joint Minnesota Housing Partnership - Minnesota 2020 study finds. While a modest recovery is under way for middle- and upper-income homeowners, there's been virtually no recovery for those with more limited means, especially renters.

Out in the Cold: Sequestration & Federal Housing Programs in Minnesota
(December 2013)
This report investigates the impacts of sequestration-induced budget cuts to Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCV or Section 8 Vouchers) and Public Housing. Together these programs provide housing assistance to over 50,000 Minnesota households. Cuts to HCV and public housing have left local housing authorities scrambling to keep their programs solvent and administer needed housing assistance.

Out of Reach
The annual Out of Reach report features rental affordability data for every state, metro area, and county in the US. The report is published annually by the National Low Income Housing Coalition, with Minnesota data released jointly by MHP.

Alliance for Healthy Homes and Communities Fact Sheets
(June 2012)
This series of fact sheets reviews the linkages between housing, community design, and health with an eye towards creating healthy homes and communities in Minnesota. In addition to an overview, factsheets are also tailored to communities with special influence for creating healthy homes and communities, including health care providers, housing developers and managers, and employers. Visit the Alliance for Healthy Homes and Communities website for more information. View the following fact sheets:

Housing as a Lever for Economic Stimulus
(February 2009)
This MHP-sponsored study finds that state funding for housing infrastructure, both new construction and rehabilitation, is a powerful tool to create jobs, economic activity and public revenues while addressing the housing crisis.

Survey of Applicants to the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority Section 8 Waiting List
(June 2009)
This report presents the key findings of an original face-to-face survey of over 150 people applying for Section 8 vouchers during a recent opening of the waiting list for the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority. 12,000 people applied for vouchers over a 2-day period in June 2009.

Manufactured Housing in Minnesota: Overview and Policy Challenges
(May 2008)
This report provides basic demographic information about manufactured housing and its residents, compares the characteristics of manufactured housing and site-built homes, provides a better understanding of the sales, titling, financing, taxation, and consumer protections of manufactured housing, and offers a set of broad policy recommendations.

INVESTMENT AT RISK: Public Housing in Minnesota
(May 2008)
In order to gauge the impact of shortfalls in funding for public housing in the state, this study pairs original survey research of housing authorities with analysis of HUD data and other supplemental data. The report finds that substantial cuts in funding have led to an array of challenges for public housing agencies.

Building Public Will: Background Research and Analysis
(May 2008)
This report is designed to create an information base for increasing public acceptance and support for affordable housing in Minnesota. The report analyzes affordable housing campaigns from across the country, synthesizes the literature on polling, messaging, and public opinion relaged to building support for affordable housing, and makes recommendations.

Closing the Housing Gap Primers
(November 2006)
Three primers provide an overview of housing needs in Minnesota's communities and outlines several solutions to our affordable housing problem.
1. Closing the Housing Gap: Housing Affordability in Minnesota
2. Closing the Housing Gap: Better Communities in Minnesota
3. Closing the Housing Gap: Homelessness in Minnesota

Waiting Lists for Section 8 Vouchers and Public Housing in Minnesota
This report shows nearly 48,000 (47,876) individuals and families were on waiting lists for public housing and the Section 8 Housing Choice voucher program in the first half of 2006, according to a questionnaire completed by 89 housing agencies across the state.

Achieving Homes for All: Alternative Revenue Sources for Affordable Housing in Minnesota
Quantifies the cost of meeting Minnesota’s affordable housing need and explores steps the state can take to fill the funding gap.

Minnesota Property Taxes and Affordable Rental Housing: The Impact of the Elimination of 4d Rising Property Values
By HousingMinnesota
The 2001 property tax reform saw the elimination of the special class rate for affordable rental properties, jeopardizing current and future development. Report highlights the changes and current and future impact on affordable housing properties. 2005.

Affordable Housing State Tax Credit Models for Minnesota
By HousingMinnesota
Analysis of affordable housing tax credit policies enacted in other states and recommendations for models Minnesota might replicate. Prepared by HousingMinnesota and funded by the Twin Cities Local Initiative Support Corporation (LISC). 2004.
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MHP's County Profiles provide data for each Minnesota county and the state.

Trends in Housing Affordability

Trends in Housing Affordability gauge Minnesota's progress towards achieving homes for all using key data on rental and ownership affordability, housing costs relative to employment, foreclosure, homelessness, and more. Includes trends for the state and major Minnesota cities.