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MHP Report: Sequestration cuts hit housing for state's seniors, families, disabled adults

Minnesota's most important federal housing programs for low-income renters are reeling unout in the coldder pressure from sequestration-induced budget cuts, according to MHP's newest report, which was released this week. Since 2010, substantial federal budget cuts to the Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCV or Section 8 Vouchers) and public housing have left local housing authorities scrambling to keep their programs solvent and to provide housing assistance. Based on surveys of local program administrators, the study finds that housing authorities across the state have cut staff, cut maintenance, and left available vouchers unfilled.

The report includes findings that are hard to swallow, but it arms advocates with information to share with decision makers in support of policy change.


October & November 7th Minnesota Housing Board Reports

This report covers the October Minnesota Housing board meeting and a special November 7th meeting. Top news from October included the Agency was nationally recognized by HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan.  At the November 7th meeting, awards totaling $54 were made for affordable housing development.  Other items of note from the November meeting included the launch of the Rental Assistance for Highly Mobile Students Initiative and the adoption of the 2014 Consolidated Action Plan.


Over $7 Million Awarded to Several of MHP's Partners for Affordable Housing Development

Last week, Minnesota Housing awarded more than $54 million for affordable housing developments across the state that will create 1,904 units of affordable housing.  MHP is pleased that our technical assistance and policy team worked in partnership to successfully secure funding for several noteworthy projects in Northwestern Minnesota and St. Paul.


September Minnesota Housing Board: Affordable Housing Plan Adopted

For the September meeting of the Minnesota Housing Board, the main agenda item was final approval of the 2014 Affordable Housing Plan. Based on public comments submitted, the plan now leaves open the possibility of
Agency intervention to prevent the loss of Section 8 vouchers. Also discussed in the meeting were the Community and Housing Dialogue in Worthington and procedural changes to the Agency's Rehab Loan and Emergency and Accessibility Loan Programs.


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Building Support for Homeownership and Rental Choices: A Review of Public Opinion and Messaging Research webinar, National Housing Conference, 7/23, 1 pm CST

Educating Voters on Housing Issues, NLIHC Web Training, 7/24, 1pm CST

Convening on Racial Equity, Alliance for Metropolitan Stability, 8/5 6pm & 8/6, 8:30am, University of Minnesota

Preservation through Energy Efficiency conference, National Housing and Rehabilitation Association, 9/15, Minneapolis.

Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless Annual Conference, Sep. 15-16, Rochester.

Janet Viveiros and Amy Clark of NHC for a free webinar Wednesday, July 23, 2 pm ET

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