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8/7/2014: Making the Rent Now More Difficult in 84 of 87 MN Counties: County Profiles

6/17/2014: Rental Construction Up Nearly 70%, but Lower-Income Families May Not Benefit, Finds 2x4 Housing Report

5/16/2014 [Homes for All] For Thousands, 'Home' will be Outcome of State Bonding Bill

3/31/2014: Minnesota Housing Partnership to Support Green Development Projects in Three States

3/24/2014: MN Apartments Least Affordable in Midwest to Minimum Wage Earners; Two-bedroom requires 91 hours per week

3/7/2014: $27,000 Awarded to Bolster Economic Growth and Improve Transit in Greater Minnesota Communities


12/23/2013: $21,000 Awarded to Ensure Greater Minnesota Communities Can House Residents

12/5/2013: Washington Comes to St. paul to Discuss Major Affordable Housing Proposals

12/3/2013: Sequestration Cuts Hit Housing for State's Seniors, Families, Disabled Adults

11/27/2013: Effects of Sequestration on Housing in Minnesota

10/22/2013: Minneapolis Mayoral Candidates, Low-Income Housing Residents, and Advocates to Dialogue at Forum

10/9/2013: Hawthorne EcoVillage Brings New Life to North Minneapolis

9/10/2013: Twin Cities Rents Rising at Fastest Rate in a Dozen Years, Finds 2nd Quarter 2013 2x4 Report for Housing

8/13/2013: Affordable Rental Housing Lacking in 97% of MN Counties, Rising Rents and Falling Incomes Place Children at Risk

7/2/2013: The Crossing at Big Lake Station Puts Jobs Within Reach For Low Income Residents

6/20/2013: Home Prices Are Up, But So Is Homelessness, Finds 2x4 Housing Report

6/10/2013: Community Collaboration Helps Transform Historic Fire House into Affordable Housing; Revitalizes Neighborhood

5/30/2013: Tribes in 3 States to Pursue Regional Sustainability with MHP Assistance through $675,000 HUD Rural Capacity Grant

5/22/2013: State Lawmakers Respond to Housing Need with Wise Investment

4/17/2013: Aeon's Sienna Green Transforms Dilapidated Apartments into Sustainable Homes

3/26/2103: Q4 2012 2 x 4 Report: Family Homelessness at Record High, Foreclosures Drop

3/14/2013: Duluth Housing Development is First in MN to Combine American Indian Center with Permanent Housing for Homeless

3/11/2013: Minimum Wage Earners Must Work 89 Hours Per Week to Afford Modest Apartment in MN: Out of Reach 2013

2/14/2013: Little Earth Homeownership Initiative Helps Native American Families Transition to Homeownership

2/12/2013: Affordable Housing Shortage Calls Gov. Dayton and Top Commissioners to Northwestern MN

2/7/2013: Feb 12 Alert: Gov. Dayton, Commissioners to Visit Roseau for Housing Roundtable

2/6/2013: $18,000 Awarded to Ensure Greater Minnesota Communities Keep up with Economic Growth

1/10/2013: Buzza Lofts Transforms Vacant, Underused Building Into A Local Asset: Affordable Housing


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