Investors Council

About the Investors Council


The Minnesota Housing Partnership (MHP) Investors Council is a group of businesses and organizations involved in the affordable housing industry that support the important work of MHP. Through our partnership, MHP and the members of the Investors Council forge new possibilities for people and places.

If your company plays an important role in the affordable housing industry, you already benefit from MHP's work. Housing industry leaders owe it to themselves, to their peers, and to their stakeholders to help support MHP by becoming a member of the MHP Investors Council.

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The Value of MHP


MHP creates tangible value for the affordable housing industry by helping to expand and safeguard resources for development. Our influence is considerable and our successes are many:

  • Rallied bipartisan support with the Homes for All alliance in 2014 for passage of $100 million in bonding for housing
  • Led advocacy efforts resulting in adoption of the 4(d) tax classification in 1995 and its reinstatement in 2005
  • Worked with partners to secure a $33 million boost in the 2013 state housing budget

Your Investors Council membership will bolster MHP's ability to continue this crucial work.


Benefits of Membership


Membership in the Investors Council also benefits your company and its employees by providing a variety of opportunities throughout the year:

  • Networking opportunities with peers in affordable housing
  • Access to coalitions of nonprofit, private and government sector entities
  • Accurate, up-to-date housing policy research and demographic analysis
  • Participation in housing advocacy efforts
  • Company visibility at MHP Investors Council events and on our website

Memberships are annual and begin on October 1st, corresponding with MHP's fiscal year.

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